Professional Security Guards

Empire Security Services provides our clients with the highest quality security personnel in the market. We deliver the best security that is tailored to the needs of our clients, combined with Luxury customer service.

Our Security Officers are fully licensed by the State of Florida. At Empire Security Services our staff goes  through an intense training program  that starts with orientation on company culture,  emergency response, standards in Safety and Security, on-the-job training, and on-going training sessions.

Empire Security Officers are trained with high standards in a wide range of topics, that include:

  •   Luxury Customer Service
  •   Crime Prevention and Response
  •   Access Control
  •   Incident Report Writing
  •   Biohazards
  •   First Aid and CPR
  •   Suspicious Behavior/Distraction Theft
  •   Fire Prevention and Evacuation
  •   Hurricane Preparedness
  •   and more

We bring unparalleled Security Service with unmatched incident response, and most importantly, prevention.

Special Events

We will efficiently manage the security for your special event, whether it’s a yearly company event, a conference, or a concert.  We will manage the logistics ensuring a smooth event, while protecting your privacy and confidentiality.

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