Risk Assessment

Protect Your Assets

Knowing the physical and operational vulnerabilities of a property, is the first step to implement preventive, detective and corrective security solutions.

Physical Security Assessment

We will conduct a comprehensive physical assessment of your establishment to identify points of vulnerability that may not be seen in plain view, and give you alternative solutions for preventing loss and reducing liability.

Terrorist Risk Assessment

Our goal is to help our clients reduce the possibility of being a target, and to minimize the impact of a possible attack.

Information on this page is limited for security reasons.

Guard Services

Security Guards in Miami
Commercial Building Security
Residential Security
24/7 Emergency Response
Armed Guards
Security Personnel
Special Events
True-Luxury Customer Service
Trained Security Personnel

Digital Video, CCTV

Surveillance Systems
Security Cameras
Thermal Cameras
Megapixel Cameras
HD Cameras

Access Control Systems

Electronic Access Control
Proximity Card Readers
Key-less Access
Biometric Readers
IP Infrastructure
Elevator Access Control
Database Management

24-Hour Monitoring

Burglar Alarm Systems
24/7 Central Monitoring Service
Wireless Signal
Two-Way Voice
Redundancy with Back Up Systems
LCD Touch Screen Technology
Energy Management